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  Beat the heat with our livestock coolers! Calf Climate offers a wide variety of unique, specifically designed cooling solutions for your cattle barns and cool rooms. Our products help encourage hair growth and also aid in keeping animals "fresh" during those crucial summer months.  Help reduce heat stress and keep your animals performing at their optimum levels by installing one of these systems today!  
  Calf Climate Severe Duty Cooler Unit (PATENT PENDING)  

The ULTIMATE Machine for your Cool Room! The only cooler unit specifically designed to withstand the unique, harsh conditions found in cool rooms.

FACT: Traditional air conditioners and refrigeration units are not designed for dirty environments. They have little or no filtration system, aren't built for continuous duty cycles, take up a lot of space, and are extremely susceptible to ammonia and acid in the air. They are great for clean homes, but not for livestock facilities. Don't you owe it to your animals and your investment to use the only cooler on the market that is specifically designed for these conditions?

Enter the Calf Climate Severe Duty Cooler Unit, offering these great features:

• Specially designed filter to stop dirt, hair, and debris from getting into the machine.
• Filters are designed to be hosed out quickly and easily.
• Heresite coating of critical inside components prevent dirt from sticking, and prevent corrosion from ammonia and acid.
• Heavy duty scroll type compressor offers the ultimate in long term reliability and energy efficiency.
• Easy to install so the owner can quickly and easily set the unit themselves in a convenient thru-the-wall fashion.
• The Calf Climate Severe Duty Cooler Unit can produce temperatures in the 30's without the hassle of traditional refrigeration equipment
• Any air conditioning tech can service these coolers.
• Heavy duty components proven to stand the test of time in severe conditions.
• High speed, high CFM fans provide greater cool down power, and high air turnover rates.
• Optional nozzle kits can be added to direct cold air where you need it!
• Can be installed remotely in circumstances where it is impossible to go thru-the-wall by connecting optional ducting and piping the air where you need it.
• Calf Climate Severe Duty Cooler Units offer the ultimate in peace-of-mind for those that can't constantly babysit their cool rooms.
• Can be ordered with a heat pump option to provide heat in the room for winter activities.

These cattle cooler units are engineered to be the best solution for your conditions. Nothing else even comes close!

Price: Calf Climate Severe Duty Cooler Units come in 2-6 ton sizes with different options depending on your goals. Please call 217-417-7784 or email Matt Rohrbach at matt@calfclimate.com for a personalized quote!

  Self-Contained Air Conditioner/Furnace Units  
  For those on a budget or that don't need the extreme cold temperature operation and super-easy installation that our Severe Duty Cooler Units offer, the Package Air Conditioners might be just what you're looking for. These fully self-contained units don't need a separate blower unit or difficult installation to install. With sizes ranging from 3-5 tons, they offer a great fit for most cooler room sizes and also have the capability of heating the room in the winter time for clipping, washing, etc. This design has been proven to work well in cooler room applications, with minimal maintenance.

• 3-5 Ton sizing fits a wide range of applications
• Extremely energy efficient
• Scroll Compressor is the most efficient, state-of-the-art compressor on the market
• Easy installation, no separate blower unit needed
• Heats and Cools

Price: Pricing depends on unit size. Please contact Matt for details.

  Refrigeration Units  

Calf Climate now offers low/medium/high temperature refrigeration units at aggressive pricing. Calf Climate units utilize a low profile evaporator coil design that takes up less headroom in your cool room space, meaning fewer bumped heads and a cleaner overall appearance than deeper, bulkier coils. Choose from 1 through 5.5 HP single phase units, as well as three phase unit availability. All units are made in the USA from premium components and are backed by manufacturer warranty.

Price: Please email Matt to determine proper sizing and price.

  Cool Bot  
  The CoolBot turns almost any brand of off-the-shelf, window-type air conditioning unit (purchased separately) into a turbo-charged cooling machine. With it, you can transform a highly-insulated room into a walk-in cooler, keeping your cooler room thermostatically controlled cool down to 34° F!

Here's the problem with window air conditioner units. First, they are electronically limited so that you can't go below 60 degrees. That's where CoolBot comes in! CoolBot uses new patent-pending technology to replace the brute force approach of fans and surface area with a micro-controller "brain" that intelligently interfaces with your air conditioner, controlling and co-ordinating its output so that you can access nearly all your cooling power, even as you keep temperatures in your cooler room as low as the 30's without re-wiring and without any freeze-ups. The multiple sensors and microcontroller allows the CoolBot to work even during the heat of summer and even when people are opening and closing the door all day long!

Cool Bot is the answer to those looking for an economical solution to building a cooler room when purchasing the Calf Climate Severe Duty Cooler Unit is out of the budget!

Please consult Calf Climate prior to purchasing the Cool Bot to verify unit sizing and compatibility.

Price: $329 with FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States.
To purchase the Cool Bot, please click here.
  20' Refrigerated Container (Cooler)  

• 20' insulated reefer shipping container with new pre-installed refrigeration unit:
• With new 3 HP pre-installed refrigeration system -All electric, quiet operation, no need to refuel or hook-up charge for the refrigeration, just bring power to it! 
• Double cargo door (7'6" x 7'4"H) with heavy duty hardware and vinyl strip curtain kit included. 
• Polyurethane foamed in-place insulation -  The cold storage container industry's preferred insulation.
• LED lights - pre-wired, ready to go.
• White steel exterior panels with stainless steel lined interior walls & ceiling & aluminum floor with (4) drains - For easy clean out 
• T-rail reinforced aluminum flooring (pallet jack and forklift rated) - Ready for any heavy loads & traffic.
• Full all weather roof for outdoor - indoor use - Air-tight / Water-tight storage.
• Forklift pockets on each side - For easy transport.
• Upgrade to additional 3' wide service door available - Can be pre-mounted on either side.
• New, In stock, ready to ship.


• Voltage/Phase: 1 Phase 208-230v. (18 Amps)
• Details: New 3 HP Medium Temp System: +35 degree cooler storage. (19,790 Btuh's)
• Dimensions: 8' x 20' x 8'6"H
• Doors: (1) 7'6" x 7'4" Double swinging door.
• Item: Approximate weight: 6,000 Lbs.
• Model Details: Self-contained Unit with Copeland Scroll Compressor, 230 Volt, 1 Phase R-404a

price: Please call 217-417-7784 or email matt@calfclimate.com for pricing as there are different configurations and options available!

  Complete Pre-Owned Cool Rooms  

Calf Climate is now offering complete pre-owned cool room solutions at a fraction of the price of new. We can supply you with preowned cooler panels to match the size you need, along with your choice of cooler unit options. Safety systems, fresh air systems, etc. can all be custom configured to your needs.

Complete room kit includes:
• Walls
• Ceiling
• Door
• Cooler Unit
• Everything you need for a turn-key cool room.

price: Email matt@calfclimate.com or call to get a quote and availability for your project.

  congratulations to these Winners!  
  Calf Climate Cooler Units kept these animals fresher and cooler, making all the difference on show day. Congratulations to these Calf Climate customers.  
  Champion Maine
2015 New Mexico State Fair
Congratulations Owensby Family
  Reserve XBred and Reserve Overall
2015 New Mexico State Fair
Congratulations Owensby Family
  Reserve Champion Steer
2013 American Royal
Congratulations AJ Line
  Grand Champion Angus Female and 4th Overall Heifer
2012 Illinois State Fair Junior Show
Congratulations Carson Welsh
  Calf Climate cooling the Ohio State Fair
Congratulations to all exhibitors.
  Champion Maine Steer
2012 Ohio State Fair
Congratulations Mackenzie Fruchey
  Champion Division 4 Crossbred and Reserve Grand Overall
2012 Ohio State Fair
Congratulations Mackenzie Fruchey
  Champion Crossbred Steer and 4th Overall
2012 Spotlight Show
Champion Division 1 Crossbred and 5th Overall
2012 South Dakota State Fair

Congratulations Geppert Family
  Grand Champion Steer
2012 Maine Junior Nationals
Congratulations Lance Utt
  Reserve Purebred Heifer
2012 AJSA National Classic
Congratulations Richie Family
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