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  Safety Systems, Odor Control, Etc.
  Beat the heat with our livestock coolers! Calf Climate offers a wide variety of unique, specifically designed cooling solutions for your cattle barns and cool rooms. Our products help encourage hair growth and also aid in keeping animals "fresh" during those crucial summer months.  Help reduce heat stress and keep your animals performing at their optimum levels by installing one of these systems today!  
  Complete Live Video Surveillance Systems  

Be in complete control of your calving facility, heat detection, cool room, etc. with high tech, night vision cameras from Calf Climate! Check in on your livestock from the tractor cab, your office, or children's sporting event on your iPhone, Android, iPad, or Android tablet. See if Bessie had her calf or what the temperature is in the cool room in seconds, it's that easy. Real time monitoring that goes far beyond an alarm system.

• Broadcast live video day or night.
• Watch video feed on your TV in your home..
• On your computer.
• On your mobile device.

price: Email matt@calfclimate.com or call to get more information and a quote for your project.

  Cool Room Remote Access Temperature Sensor  
  Monitor and protect your cool room when you're away. Receive SMS text messages and emails to alert you of unfavorable conditions. Log in, using any web browser to view current conditions and set alarm parameters The wireless sensor monitors the temperature and humidity conditions of the surrounding environment and alerts you if there is a problem. 

Create your own custom alerts to notify you by e-mail or text message if the temperature or humidity measurements exceed your defined range.  Set up multiple sensors to monitor different areas. Internet access and network router required. 

$199.99 with FREE SHIPPING

  SciZyme — The safe, natural way to fight ammonia in your cattle show barn!  

SciZyme is a safe and highly concentrated enzyme that makes a healthier and more plesant environment for you and your cattle. It reduces a wide range of organic odors associated with animal waste. SciZyme's bio-enzyme microbes, when wet, consume the organic waste by speeding up nature's own process with the enzymes that create odorless waste. SciZyme is easy to use. Just mix with clean tap water and spray. SciZyme is safe for both people and animals, including small pets.

Perfect for livestock auction facilities, fair arenas, cool rooms, cages, kennels, barns, stalls, petting areas, bedding areas, holding pens, trucks, trailers, and more!

View more scizyme information

1 Gallon SciZyme Fresh 500 Concentrate
(Makes 80 Gallons Spray) 
$84.00 with FREE SHIPPING
4 Gallons SciZyme Fresh 500 Concentrate
$228.00 with FREE SHIPPING

  Polymax Polymer Material  

Calf Climate is proud to offer PolyMax polymer material for sheathing the walls of your livestock facilities. There simply isn't a better material to use on your cool
room, calving barn, clipping room walls, period. PolyMax is offered in varying thicknesses, sheet sizes, etc.

• Incredibly Durable
• Easy to Clean
• Insulative
• Cost Effective

price: Email matt@calfclimate.com or call to get a quote and availability for your project.

  Please make your product selection:
  Circulation Fans
All sizes of the legendary
Schaefer Fan.
Cooler Units
Powerful units in all sizes
for your cool room.
Miscellaneous Products Safety Systems, Odor Control, etc. Foggers and
Evaporative Coolers

Portable fogging units and coolers
for your travel needs.
  Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US on all items purchased through website!  Custom orders requiring freight delivery will be assessed by weight and destination.
    Calf Climate now offers financing.
Make your dream barn a reality with our financing plan. Please call us at 217-417-7784, or email for more information.

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